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  • Are the furniture and cabinets hand-made?

     Yes, all furniture, cabinets, etc. are hand-made by our master carpenter with over 25 years of                        experience along with the rest of our team. 

  • Are the furniture and cabinets done locally or are they imported?

     All furniture is made locally, you are more than welcome to visit our shop (2421 1st Street NW, 87102          Albuquerque, New Mexico.) by appointment. 

  • I have an idea of what I want, but don't see it on the website is it possible to have something specifically made?

      Yes, you are welcome to send pictures or drawings of your ideas to our email                                          or text them to (505) 980-2467 and we will get back to you as soon as                 possible- with the best options to bring your ideas to life. 

  • If I purchase a large variety of items can I get a discount?

      This is an option. Get in touch with us for more information of what the different options would be. 

  • How long is the process after I place my order? 

      Typically the estimated time is 4 weeks. This can vary depending on the order size and quantity. 

  • Will the cabinets be installed for us? 

      Yes, before we start the process we will visit your home/location in order to get the exact                                 measurements. Once the process is complete, we will deliver and install. 

  • If I order furniture outside of New Mexico how will they be delivered if I am unable to pick them up?

      If it is a large quantity of items we can discuss a price and deliver them to you personally. If it is a single       item we will send them via a mail delivery, for example: USPS, FedEx, local truck company, etc

  • What's the percentage of the cost that we have to pay as a down payment in order to place an order? 

      We ask for 50% of the total in order to begin the building process. The remaining 50% can be paid once         it's delivered. 

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